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Jamboree Guidelines
by posted 10/28/2019

8U Mite Buckeye Travel Hockey League
Jamboree Game Procedures



In an effort to have all coaches, players, parents and team administrators in the BTHL on the same page for our youngest group of hockey players, we have created Jamboree Game procedures. The main focus of the Mite jamboree format is for the players to have a great development experience and most importantly, have fun. We want the kids to want to come back and play again; so please keep all support and cheering positive. We hope all adults involved will help make this an enjoyable experience for the players.                        





  • 1 Official (each ½ ice game) for any game involving a Red (Top Level) Team.
  • No Officials required for all other levels, but can be used. 1 coach from each team will be on the ice.
  • 110 Minutes of Ice - Split into Three (3) Jamboree Games               .                                           
  • 30 min game times (Warm Up, 30 min game, Handshake/Clear ice).                                        
  • 1/2 Ice Games - No Full Ice.                                                                                                                                 
  • Recommended:  8U play 4v4 with intermediate nets (3' x 4.5') and goalies and play with blue pucks.
  • Water bottles by the dividers or bench.




These rules are to be followed during a Buckeye League Mite Jamboree.

  • Give best effort to match players with similar ability levels.
  • Line changes every 1 minute. The horn is blown from the score box. During a line change, a coach will shoot the puck across the ice away from the player’s benches. This will force the players to skate more as they retrieve the puck. This may be hard for some folks but we need to start teaching the kids at a young age that the proper length for a good hockey shift is around 60 seconds.
  • There will only be a faceoff to start each period.  
  • If a team scores, they must immediately go back and touch their goal post. The team who gets scored on will pull the puck out of the net and take it behind the net in a re-group. The team will then advance the puck towards the opposing teams net.
  • No score sheets and score will not be kept.
  • No penalties, but if coaches feel discipline is warranted for infraction player is sent to bench and must sit out at least one shift. After any infraction, the coach should explain to player what he or she did.
  • 4 v 4 with a goalie (with equipment) unless a team is short players. Coaches will discuss how to proceed.
  • No overtime.
  • Teams shake hands following game.
  • Have Fun!                                                                                                                    



We are a volunteer organization, please offer to help at the host rinks. 

It takes more time to prepare for Mite games than any other youth hockey event,  

So any and all help is appreciated on game days.


Look forward to a great 8U Mite Season!

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by posted 08/14/2019

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by posted 08/13/2019

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