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*** All lessons are scheduled and priced with each instructor individually.***



Lisa Graham

Skating technique and power skating

All levels



MaryAnn Huffman

Skating technique and power skating

All levels welcome beginners to college players



Jennie Lawson

Skating technique and power skating

All levels



Dori Murray

Skating technique and power skating

All levels



Marcia Williams

Skating technique and power skating

All levels




Group Skating Instruction

Swords Skating Academy

 Swords Skating Academy offers classed from age 4 - Adult skaters needing to learn to skate to move onto a hockey team.

 Skaters will work their way through 4 Badges, learning to skate forward, backward, stop, start, turn, and do F and B crossovers. 



Don Biggs

All Levels (skaters dedicated to improving their hockey skills and game knowledge)

Individual and Group Lessons


Derek Crouch

All levels 

Hockey skills and Power Skating

Individual and group lessons


Pat MacLeod

All levels

Individual and group


text or call 513-290-3702


Andy Pokupec

All skills & levels. All positions including goalie.

Individual and group lessons



Danny Wood

Hockey lessons, clinics and off-ice training









Dear Cincinnati Area Youth Hockey Players, Parents & Coaches,
I would like to begin our June Newsletter, by giving everyone a heartfelt apology for everything that we are all going through, as a collective group in the hockey world and in our daily lives due to COVID-19. I would also like to thank everyone for your kind words, your support, your understanding and cooperation as we try to offer your son or daughter a positive hockey camp experience this summer. I would also like for you to know, that if for any reason our camp is cancelled, re-scheduled or if you do not feel comfortable with your child attending our camp this summer, you will either receive a full refund or a full credit for next summer (your choice). The Sport International Hockey Academy is committed to accommodate our valued customers at the highest level and that your decisions will be honored by our organization, immediately!
WE HAVE RECENTLY RE-SCHEDULED OUR CINCINNATI CAMP TO JUNE 29 - JULY 3 - Sports Plus Arena (changed from June 15 - 19), due to COVID-19.
We currently have 9 Skater slots and 2 Goalie spaces still available for our June 29 - July 3 camp (newly added camp) To quickly register online and to avoid disappointment, please click on the following link;
** Keep in mind, we may be asked to limit our registrations by our host arena, to meet CDC Guidelines, your decision to register as soon as possible is suggested. Once we meet our recommended limit, we will be full!
SIHA SAFETY MEASURES FOR THIS SUMMER (in coordination with our host arena)
    1. Our staff will do our best to keep a 6' distance from all students throughout the day, if our staff should have to come in close proximity (tying skates, helping with equipment, etc.), our staff will then put on their mask.

2. We will ensure that our staff has their temperature taken each morning (we are being told that the host arenas will conduct the temperature tests with our students) on a daily basis, upon entrance with a handheld thermometer.

3. We will NOT be offering our typical Sunday Orientation (as in the past) to avoid large gatherings. We will be asking everyone to arrive at 7:45 AM on Monday, (before camp). We will be asking the players to bring all hockey equipment & stick, change of clothes, running shoes (sneakers), water bottle and lunch (if not on the lunch program). All students will be assigned their dressing rooms and given their schedule, helmet tags at the time of check-in at 7:45 AM on Monday. Arrival time for the rest of the week would be 8:15 AM.

4. If you feel more comfortable to have your child wear a mask when not on the ice, feel free to do so. We would ask all children to bring a small container of hand sanitizer to wash their hands after each event, throughout the day.

5. We will set-up a plastic sneeze guard between our student and staff, during individual video analysis each day.
* We are also being told by most of our host arenas that we will be spreading out our students throughout the locker rooms and in the lunch area, to ensure Social Distancing!
OUR 40 HOUR SIHA PROGRAM (8:15 AM - 4:15 PM)
Player On-Ice Program: We offer each student 3 hours of daily Power Skating & Puckhandling training including  Power Skating (Forward Stride, Tight Turns, Backwards Skating and Stops & Starts). Puckhandling (Passing, Shooting, 1 on 1's, 2 on 2's, 2 on 1's & Intro to Checking.
Goalie On-Ice Program: We offer each Goalie, daily 1 on 1 Goalie Instruction including the following skill emphasis drills; Stance & Angles, The Pad Save, The Glove Save & The Break-Away Save. All goalies will enjoy concentrated instruction from our Goalie Instructor on a daily basis.
Video Analysis: All students (players & goalies) will be filmed each day in a different on-ice drill (players & goalies) and will then sit down daily with our Head Instructor to have their skills thoroughly analyzed through the use of our telestrator, instructor audio, split screen comparisons and Pro-Video Comparisons. You may purchase your Personalized Take-Home Flash Drive Analysis (MP4 Computer Transferable Files) for $20.00. "Clearly Our Best Guarantee For A Quality Hockey Education".
Russian Training: Each student will have the opportunity to participate in a series of daily off-ice conditioning exercises to further develop their hockey muscles including; Arm exercises, Leg exercises, Stickhandling exercises, Obstacle Course Challenge (for prizes) & Box Hockey.
Off-Ice Shooting: All students will participate in our daily off-ice shooting program, shooting approximately 75 pucks per day with a different shot each day (Wrist Shot, Backhand Shot, Snap Shot & Slap Shot). Our expert staff will also film each player with their shooting technique and professionally analyze their shot through the use of our I-Pad (telestration and slow motion analysis).
Recreation: Our program also offers a cool down segment where our staff and students have fun each day with a different recreational activity each day (Road Hockey, Whiffle Ball, Kick Ball, International Hand Ball & Soccer).
Daily Lectures: We offer a daily hockey lecture for all students including the following; Sportsmanship & Self Discipline, Game-Tape Analysis (Scrimmage Break-Down), Rules Lecture, NHL Behind The Scenes & Pre-Game Preparation.
Lunch Program: We do offer the choice of ordering a lunch package (Pizza, Sub, BBQ burger or hot dog, BBQ Chicken Patties) - all lunches are served with Gatorade, chips, desert and fruit. Our Youth Meal is $40.00 and our Big Kid Meal is $50.00. Some cities may incur a $10.00 catering surcharge (please see our website or brochure).


2020 SIHA Brochure (PDF):
2020 SIHA Online Registration:

SIHA Hotel Sponsor: Choice Hotels

SIHA Regional Director: Chris Sample

We look forward to having you participate in our 2020 Sport International Hockey Academy and our 31st instructional summer. For a hockey camp experience that will be sure to offer the perfect combination of both fun and hard work, please consider SIHA, this summer!

If you should have any questions, please contact our SIHA head office at 1-800-724-6658. We look forward to a great summer, be safe & stay healthy! We'll see you soon!

                       Very Sincerely,
                          Bob Baldwin


 2020 Summer Hockey Camps
 Coming to Cincinnati This Summer!
 SIMPLY DEFENSE and Breakthrough Skill Development - STRICTLY SHOOTING will be at Sports Plus this Summer! Register early to ensure your spot...and SAVE up to $50!

Simply Defense Summer Camps - Cincinnati

Sports Plus - Cincinnati
  6/26-6/28 (Fri,Sat,Sun)
Fri 5pm-8pm, Sat 8:30am-3pm, Sun 8:30am-11:30am

Visit our SIMPLY DEFENSE website today!
Summer Camps - Cincinnati

Sports Plus Arena
6/26-6/28 (Fri,Sat,Sun)
Fri 2pm-4:30pm, Sat 3:30pm-6pm, Sun 12pm-5:30pm


Visit our Breakthrough Skill Development Website!

Want to Save on your Tuition?

Register by 11:59pm on 4/15 and automatically SAVE $20
Group of 2 or 3 - SAVE $20ea (use code SUMG3)
Group of 4 or more - SAVE $30ea (use code SUMG4)

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Ages 6-14 9am-5pm  @ Sports Plus

2 sessions available June 15-19 and July 27-31

One Session: $399 ($249 for sibling) $359 if purchased by 4/1 ($224 for sibling)

Both Sessions: $599 ($449 for sibling) $539 if purchased by 4/1 ($404 for sibling)





             HI-PERFORMANCE SPEED,  
         JULY 13 - 17 @ NORTHLANDS
              5:30pm - 8:30pm daily
       COST: $465 US